Our Services

As one of the most reliable electrical contractors, we offer you a breadth of services that are unmatched in the area.

Interior Electrical Infrastructure

Arch Electric specializes in providing comprehensive interior electrical infrastructure solutions. Our team of skilled professionals is experienced in designing, installing, and maintaining electrical systems for residential, commercial, and industrial spaces. Whether you need electrical wiring, lighting fixtures, power distribution, or data networking, we have the expertise to deliver reliable and efficient solutions.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

We are at the forefront of providing electric vehicle (EV) charging station solutions. As the demand for EVs continues to rise, we understand the need for reliable and efficient charging infrastructure. Our team of experts specializes in the installation, maintenance, and upgrade of EV charging stations for residential, commercial, and public spaces.

Solar Panel Design, Engineering, and Installation Services

We are a trusted provider of solar panel design, engineering, and installation services. We specialize in harnessing the power of solar energy to meet your renewable energy goals. Our team of skilled professionals is well-versed in the latest industry trends and technologies, ensuring the highest standards of design and engineering for solar panel systems.

Building Automation Controls

Arch Electric is a leading provider of building automation control solutions. We specialize in designing, installing, and maintaining advanced systems that enhance the efficiency, comfort, and security of buildings. Our team of experts is equipped with extensive knowledge and experience in the field, allowing us to deliver cutting-edge automation solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Health Care Electrical Installations

We also specialize in providing electrical installation solutions for healthcare facilities. We understand the unique electrical requirements and regulations in the healthcare industry and are equipped to handle the complexity of healthcare electrical systems. Our professionals have extensive experience in working with hospitals, clinics, medical laboratories, and other healthcare facilities.

Design/Build Budgets and Construction

We offer comprehensive design/build services that include budgeting and construction for a wide range of projects. Our experienced team combines design expertise with construction capabilities to provide an integrated approach that ensures efficient project delivery. We collaborate with you to develop accurate and detailed budgets that encompass all aspects of the project, including design, materials, labor, permits, and contingencies.

Emergency Response Services

We understand the importance of swift and reliable emergency response services. That’s why we offer comprehensive emergency electrical services to address unforeseen electrical issues and restore functionality to your residential, commercial, or industrial facility. Whether it's a power outage, electrical system failure, or any other electrical emergency, we have the expertise and resources to provide effective solutions.